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Complete Grow Set

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Our complete grow sets are an all-in-one solution for the marijuana grower that likes to be prepared.  We’ve gathered everything you need to get started growing – from seeds to fertilizers – packed it up nicely and discounted it. Simply decide where and how you plan to grow and you’ve got everything you need to grow enough marijuana for yourself and a few friends. 

Beginner’s Grow Set:


The beginner’s set features 20 White Widow autoflowering seeds, flower power fertilizer, and plant protector. White Widow is easy to grow when it is autoflowering. Plus, you are likely to be more successful when you add some of the best marijuana fertilizer available. 

Gold Leaf Grow Set:


Grow Robert’s premium strain, Gold Leaf, at a discount. The Gold Leaf set includes 20 seeds, flower power fertilizer, and plant protector. You’re going to grow some amazing marijuana with this set. 

High Yield Grow Set


 When you need to grow the most bud from the least amount of plants, this set has you covered. The high yield grow set includes 20 Big Bud feminized seeds, flower power fertilizers, and plant protector. Get ready to grow a lot of marijuana! 

Medical Grow Set


Our medical grow set includes 20 Cheese seeds. Cheese has high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, perfect for medical users that avoid getting high. It also includes flower power fertilizers and plant protector. 

White Widow Grow Set


Grow one of Robert’s favorite strains – White widow. This strain is perfect for indoor growing and is especially easy to grow when paired with Flower Power fertilizers. The grow set includes 20 feminized White Widow seeds. 

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