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Feminized Seeds

 What are feminized seeds? 

 Where do feminized seeds come from? 

 Are feminized seeds hermaphroditic? 

 Buying feminized seeds 

Other benefits of feminized seeds 

  Growing feminized seeds 

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Feminized Seeds

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What are feminized seeds?

It is common for cannabis seeds to be feminized. This means that they have been bred not to contain male chromosomes so that every flower will be female and produce the buds that most growers are after.

Yes, marijuana comes in different sexes. Many new growers are surprised to discover this. When you grow standard cannabis, you have to take the time during the growing period to identify its sex (which can be difficult) and prune out the male flowers. If this process is delayed, the males will fertilize the females, and your harvest will be disappointing.

When you purchase feminized seeds, you do not need to worry about this happening at all. Feminized seeds mean that every flower in your crop will be female. However, this also means that your crop will not produce a new round of seeds for you to grow the next batch of cannabis from.

Where do feminized seeds come from?

Marijuana plants can be either male or female. This is a survival method that they have developed over millennia. In fact, some species of frogs have even developed the same ability. This makes it possible for the organisms to survive and thrive in a wide variety of conditions. By producing flowers of different genders, the plant is able to self-pollinate and continue the species for another generation.

Feminized seeds are the result of growers using this ability to their own advantage. They are able to train a female plant to produce pollen and then use that to fertilize another female plant. The seeds that result from this fertilization do not have male chromosomes, so they will produce only female flowers. The ability to produce high-quality feminized seeds has only come about in recent years, through a lot of trial and error. So, if you are someone who is returning to marijuana growing after a few decades away, you might be surprised by the high quality of the feminized seeds that are on the market today.

Are feminized seeds hermaphroditic?

All marijuana plants naturally have the ability to grow flowers of either sex. Usually, this happens when the plant is under some kind of stress, such as the temperature dropping, since it makes it possible for the plant to fertilize itself and propagate its genes. In the past, feminized seeds were created by forcing female plants under stress to create male flowers, and then fertilizing another female plant with the pollen from those flowers. However, the resulting seeds could sometimes carry the hermaphroditic traits of the parents, which resulted in a less favorable yield, since those seeds were more likely to produce male flowers.

More recently, people have developed the ability to produce feminized seeds with more pure females. Those females can be forced to produce pollen that will fertilize other plants but are much less likely to be hermaphroditic. All of our seeds are produced using this method so you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality.

Buying feminized seeds

If growing your own cannabis at home is a new hobby, or if you just want to keep the process as easy as possible, pay special attention to where you buy your seeds. It’s impossible to tell just by looking whether or not seeds are feminized, so you need to make sure you are purchasing them from a source that you can trust. When you buy your seeds from us, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality seeds on the market, and that they are 100% feminized.

Other benefits of feminized seeds

When you grow standard cannabis seeds, you’ll have to germinate up to double the number of plants you are hoping to mature, since you’ll have to remove the males. By using feminized seeds, you eliminate this problem and make it that much easier to grow the crop that you want.

Plus, you’ll find that growing cannabis with feminized seeds makes it much easier to grow a healthy crop that will produce the mature marijuana plants that you want. We know how overwhelming it can be to begin growing your own cannabis at home, and we believe that it’s usually a good idea to remove as many roadblocks as possible at the beginning. Of course, we offer plenty of standard seeds as well if you would rather prune the males yourself, or produce a crop of fertilized seeds. However, most beginners find that feminized seeds are perfect for saving both time and money.

Growing feminized seeds

Growing feminized seeds requires the exact same process as growing typical marijuana. You germinate them, make sure they get proper water, light, and nutrition, and eventually harvest the plant and prepare it for consumption. However, you will save yourself all of the difficult work of identifying male plants and removing them, and the stress of worrying that you may have missed one and ruined your entire crop. That’s why we highly recommend feminized seeds to anyone who is new to growing – it makes it much easier to be successful on your first try.

If you’re new to growing your own marijuana, you probably have many questions about how to be successful with your crop. Even if you have never successfully grown any plant, we believe that you are fully capable of becoming a skilled grower. It just might take a little bit of a learning curve.

That’s why we offer many growing guides on our website, which will help you learn how to grow a healthy crop. You can also access our support forums, which are full of experts and people just like you who can offer advice and share their experiences so that you don’t make their same mistakes. If you are ready to start growing feminized marijuana seeds at home, the forums are a great place to start learning about how you can be successful. If you prepare yourself with plenty of knowledge, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to produce a successful marijuana crop.

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Afghan (fem)

Agent Orange by ILGM (fem)

AK-47 (fem)

Amnesia Haze (fem)

Banana Kush (fem)

Bergman's Gol 

Big Bud (fem)

Black Widow (fem)

Blackberry Kush (fem)

Blue Cheese (fem)

Blue Dream (fem)

Blue Haze (fem)

Blueberry (Fem)

Bruce Banner by ILGM (fem)

Bubba Kush (fem)

Bubble Gum (fem)

California Dream (fem)

Candy Kush (fem) 

Cheese (Fem)

Chemdawg (fem)

Cherry Pie (fem)

Chocolope (fem)

Chronic Widow (fem)

Critical Mass (fem)

Crystal (Fem)

Fire OG (Fem)

Gelato By ILGM (Fem)

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (fem)

Gorilla Glue By ILGM (Fem)

Grand Daddy Purple (Fem)

Green Crack (fem)

Hindu Kush (fem)

Jack Herer (fem)

L.A. Confidential (fem)

LSD (Fem) 

Mango Kush (fem)

Master Kush (fem)

Maui Wowie (Fem)

MK Ultra (Fem)

Northern Lights (Fem)

NYC Diesel (Fem)

OG Kush (Fem)

Orange Bud (Fem)

Pineapple Haze (fem)

Power Plant (Fem)

Pure Indica (Fem)

Purple Haze (Fem)

Purple Kush (Fem)

Skywalker OG (fem)

Sour Diesel (Fem)

Strawberry Cough (fem)

Strawberry Kush (fem)

Super Lemon Haze (fem)

Super Silver Haze (fem)

Super Skunk (fem)

Trainwreck (Fem)

White Rhino (Fem)

White Widow (fem)

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