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Inside Marijuana Grow Bible

Valuable Info on:

Starting Out

The Cannabis Plant

Grow Stages: Seedling Stage, Vegetable Stage, Flowering Stage, and Harvest Time

Growing Indoors:  Your Grow Room, Climate Control,  Lighting

Growing Outdoors: Grow Calendars, Climate and Weather

Grow Mediums: Growing In Soil, Hydroponic Growing

Water and Nutrients

Trouble Shooting: Grow Issues, Pests

Advanced Techniques:  Optimizing, Pruning Techniques, Cloning,  Sexing and making seeds,  Growing safely 

Growers Dictionary

About Free Download


  • How to get the biggest yields from cannabis plants.
  • What you need to get started, without wasting money. 
  • The most common mistakes you don't have to make. 

Additional Testimonial


The Best Of the Best

I am a Professional Grower, started in Colorado, 15+ years (experience). These and all seeds on the site have a 95% Sprouting chance. I do all organic soil and hydro as well as cloning. I can tell you know with the proper love care and environment, you can't beat it. My first pull from the Purple haze was 1.1Lbs each with topping. Thanks. Peace guys! 

- Shroomz420 aka Lucy 

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"I think those program really great for everyone from beginning experience till grow it out to be professional experience later on then you know what to do everything that all." 

 Ryan Baker 

 "This is the best place buy any goods for your needs which is number #1" .

 Christopher Baines 

 "I am a customer of   lovemycbdproductsandmarijuana.com and have the free Grow Bible since 2016 and I am very impressed with the information and easy to follow instructions.  

 Rick Knight

First timer, beautiful plants

I received my seeds to USA in under 1 week. Great service and incredibly fast. Stealth shipping was a brilliant packing idea. Kudos to you and your team Robert. Can't wait to get these growing. 

-Mr Talley Mane

Bergman's Lab

Click on link "Free Harvesting Mini-Guide"

When to Harvest Your Marijuana Plants

The secret to the perfect taste, potency and high is WHEN you harvest!


You'll Discover:

  • The “tell tale” signs your buds are ready for harvest!
    (get even one of these wrong and you ruin everything)
  • 3 timing methods that give you maximum control over your taste, high and potency (learn how to use each method, even if you have no prior experience!)
  • PLUS, exact pictures and steps you can use to steer your buds toward total perfection, every time!