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Not sure which seeds to buy and need a little inspiration? Our mixpacks are a wonderful solution to the problem of indecision. Not only are they pre-packaged based on popular attributes; they are also generously discounted.

Autoflower Mixpack

Make growing marijuana easier than it already is with our autoflower pack.  Autoflowers do not need your help to enter the flowering cycle, making them perfect for beginners. They are also smaller plants, ideal for indoor grows.

The quick-growing beauties in this mixpack are some of the best strains you can find on the market.  Choose from sativa dominant Amnesia Haze, indica dominant Blueberry, or the popular Northern Lights. 

Fruity Mixpack

Who says weed can’t taste good? These marijuana seeds are known for their fruity flavor but also pack a good punch. Try some of these popular feminized strains with this discounted mixpack.

Marijuana comes in many flavors – including blueberry, strawberry, and pineapple. While flavor can be subtle, you will definitely notice it in these strains. Our mixpack includes indica-dominant Strawberry Kush, Bergman’s signature sativa-dominant Pineapple Haze, and a CBD- heavy Blueberry.

High-Yield Mixpack

When you want to grow a lot of weed, but you only have a little space, you should consider investing in high-yield seeds. Make the most of your plants by choosing high yield seeds.

The high-yield mixpack puts three of the strongest, highest-yielding strains in one place.  Try out the cerebral effects of the nearly pure sativa Chocolope.  Practice your pruning techniques with Big Bud, (a strain that does exactly what it claims- produce big buds), or cultivate large amounts of high-THC Amnesia Haze.


Patriot Mixpack

While good weed grows anywhere, some strains earned their popularity in the USA. These award-winning strains are some of the greatest marijuana strains of all times – according to High Times

The patriot mixpack includes the Indiana- bred Bubblegum, and the sativa dominant AK-47. There’s also the classic party starter- Sour Diesel. These strains pack a punch but are also known for their medical benefits. Ideal for indoor, medical, and beginner growers.

Platinum Mixpack

There is good marijuana, and there is great marijuana. Step it up a notch with the platinum mixpack. These plants can produce some of the skunkiest, most potent high you can grow. Prepare to enter a haze of platinum proportions.

The platinum mixpack includes Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze and Gold Leaf by Robert Bergman feminized seeds.

Spicy Mixpack

If you like your marijuana to have a bit of a kick, the spicy mixpack is made for you. We’ve included three Indicas that will provide noticeable effects while still being ideal even for beginners.

These powerful strains are popular for medical users. The nearly pure OG Kush is a known stress fighter, Super Skunk fights pain, and the autoflowering Lowryder puts you straight to bed.


A) Auto 2.0 Mixpack

Autoflower Mixpack


Baked Sweets Mixpack

Beginner Mixpack

Blue Mixpack


D) DEA Mixpack

Dreamy Mixpack

Dutch Classics Mixpack



Fruity Kush Mixpack

Fruity Mixpack



Heavy Hitters Mixpack

High Yield Mixpack


Indica Mixpack

J) Juicy Mixpack

K) Kush Mixpack





OG Mixpack

Outdoor Mixpack


Patriot Mixpack

Persian Mixpack

Platinum Mixpack

Pop Culture Mixpack

Power Mixpack

Premium Mixpack

Purple Mixpack



Rainbow Haze Mixpack


Sativa Mixp 

Spicy Mixpackack



USA Pride Mixpack



White Mixpack

Widow Mixpack




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High Yield Mix pack has three of the strongest, highest-yielding strains in 1 place.

Patriot MixPack  has some of the greatest Marijuana of all times per High Times Magazine.

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