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Marley Natural is a premium product line crafted with authenticity, awareness, and respect for the nourishing benefits of nature. The accessories from Marley Natural are all responsibly sourced and integrity driven. Each offering is a direct reflection of the Marley ethos that integrates nature’s goodness with a belief in the positive effects of herb. Marley Natural sees themselves as agents of change promoting positivity, connectivity, and personal transformation. Acting as “believers in progress”, Marley Natural offers a breathtaking lifestyle line that is directly inspired by Jamaica’s vibrant energy. 



From bubblers to steamrollers Marley Natural pipes draw from Jamaican tradition to create a collection of timeless smoking accessories from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. concentrate-proof and hypoallergenic, each Marley Natural glass pipe is highly thermal resistant. The anti-stick, nonporous surface of this glass makes the cleaning process much easier as it can withstand heavy scrubbing. The clarity of each glass pipe makes it easy to know when your piece needs cleaning.

Marley Natural has put out a line of smoked glass accessories to please any dry-herb smoker. The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe has a wide bowl that when resting looks as if it is levitating. The sleek one-piece Marley Natural Bubbler is a staple of the collection with beautiful symmetry and perfect proportions. Marley Natural also included a Smoked Glass Steamroller and Taster for quick hits on-the-fly. The Steamroller has a unique “thumb press” bowl so packing your dry herb is even more comfortable than before while the Smoked Glass Taster is portable and offers natural balance and weight.



Launched by the Marley Family, Marley Natural produces sophisticated smoking accessories aiming to expand the understanding of Bob Marley’s vision by focusing on the causes about which he was genuinely passionate. Each piece in the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Collection is crafted with low environmental impact and a commitment to safe working conditions.

Bob Marley’s idea of an inclusive and compassionate global community in which people take care of each other is at the root of Marley Natural's quest. Marley Natural believes a commitment to Bob Marley’s vision means addressing issues in Jamaica today, including youth unemployment and the devastating effect that food importation has had on the farming community.



Marley Natural's Rise Up initiative supports local environmental programs and farming non-profits in Jamaica in hopes of inspiring younger generations to excel and succeed. Rise Up supports three programs: The Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary, Farm Up Jamaica, and the Golden Valley Farmers Group. Orcabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary was established in 1995 by the Orcabessa Bay Fisherman’s Group to advocate sustainable community development and clean environmental renewal. Jamaica has some of the most overfished waters in the world, and a majority of farmers are suffering from reduced income thanks to smaller catches. The sanctuary aims to increase bio-diversity and works closely with local fisherman to introduce sustainable practices and safe-fishing. In the past four years, the project has seen an increase in fish biomass and coral coverage, coupled with a significant reduction in algae.

Farm Up Jamaica Ltd is a non-profit on a mission to reduce food importation. Jamaica currently imports $1 billion worth of food a year due to a dwindling agricultural sector. Farm Up Jamaica works to cultivate and distribute high-quality organic produce and inspire the next generation of farmers. The organization works to secure markets both locally and internationally, build access roads, subsidize preparation of land, improve both machinery and irrigation, provide seeds, and help transport the food to buyers.

Rounding out Rise Up’s trio of initiatives is the Golden Valley Farmers Group. The group provides another avenue of employment for young farmers. Golden Valley Farmers Group is located in the parish of St. Thomas, one of the most impoverished areas on the island where rainfall changes have disrupted coffee and cocoa farming. The group is building a honey processing unit out of a repurposed shipping container. Their long-term goal is to provide agricultural training and business opportunities for your farmers as well as the community in the areas of harvesting, packaging, honey and wax processing, sales, and marketing.

Printed on the back of all Marley Natural products is the message “A worldwide vision for positive change.” Each purchase of Marley Natural pipes and accessories contributes to that positivity.

Spoon Pipes, Smoked Glass Tasters and Rise Up Water Pipe


Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

by Bob Marley


  • 2" H x 4.5" L x 1.20" D
  • Black Walnut Wood
  • 100% Borosilicate Glass Bowl
  • Detachable Parts
  • Easy to Clean


Glass & Pipes (97 products)



Glass water pipes offer a traditional method for smoking tobacco, dry herbs, and other herbs that is simple, enjoyable, and effective. Similar to a hookah but more compact and portable, these filtration devices feature an air-tight water vessel with a bowl for loading herb and a stem for guiding smoke down into the water. Each hit bubbles upward from the water, purified and cooled, as you inhale through the top chamber. While glass pipes come in many shapes and sizes, the essential function of delivering smoother, cooler, and purer hits is the same across the board. Smoke is purified, moisturized, and cooled before it reaches your lungs, making for a more comfortable hit.

For those who prefer concentrates, dab rigs are a type of glass pipe for wax and oils.


Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe

by Marley Natural 


  • 12.0" H x 5.25" D
  • Eight-Slit Perc
  • Beaker Design
  • Pure Borosilicate
  • Ice Catcher
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Tinted Glass
  • Bold Red Letters

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